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“They’ll hear us even if they won’t listen”

Thanks to everyone who attended the Rainford rally on Wednesday evening outside the Town Hall. Most of the Councillors got wind of it and sneaked in early out of sight, but one or two gave folks a cheery wave or dropped by to offer support. Granada TV also filmed and interviewed. Everyone created a real racket which was brilliant. Keep it up everyone, they will have to listen eventually!

Town Hall Demo_S

Link to article in St Helens Star article – click here.

Public Meeting Update

Thank you to everyone who contributed and attended our Public Meeting on Wed 18th January. More than 400 of you came along and to hear about the St Helens Local Plan, Green Belt, and development in our area. Thank you too for contributing to our fighting fund, it is very much appreciated. We will be consolidating all the questions and feedback from the evening ahortly and will post it here in due course. In the mean time if you need to contact us please send an email to The online objection form link can be found below.

Below is some annotated material that we used at the public meeting for those who could not attend.