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New Road Freight Plan for Parkside Imminent

After all the nonsense over the years about Parkside being a ‘special’ location which should be reserved exclusively for use as a Rail Freight Terminal, it comes as no surprise that a new developer is on the verge of lodging a planning application for a Road Freight facility at Parkside. For a scheme of the size that the developer is proposing, the developer is bound by planning legislation to initially lodge an Environmental Impact Scoping (EIS) exercise to ascertain what environmental aspects they should consider. We are not aware that the Council have notified anyone about the EIS to date. The EIS though does give us insight into what is being planned, at least for Parkside West. Click here to see the Parkside Environmental Impact Scoping Report. It is a large document so may take a little time to download. We can expect a full planning application soon. It will run to many hundreds of pages that the developer has had many months to prepare and which we the public are likely to be given only a few days to review and comment on. The screen shots below are taken from the document and provide an insight into the two phases that are planned. Phase 1 will send traffic onto the A49 and our local roads. No doubt the developer in due course will make a case that this will have negligible impacts to traffic and our health.

The diagram below is taken from the document. It provides an illustration of Phase 1 of the proposed scheme.

And an llustration of Phase 2 …

We will post more news & information as it becomes available.

Florida Farm Planning Application Not Called In

As some of you may be aware the Florida Farm Planning application was approved by the Council a few weeks ago. Following that a request was made for the application to be ‘called in’ or put to a Public Inquiry as the site was in Green Belt and was not likely to meet the ‘Special Circumstances’ required for development in Green Belt set out by planning legislation. Unfortunately this was refused by the Secretary of State. The Florida Farm Action Group continue to look at what action they can take.

Planning Application for ‘Haydock Point’ Announced

A planning application for more huge warehouses has been submitted to St Helens Council for land adjacent to Haydock Island (M6 J23). Public comments close on the 26th April. We request you object to this application. The Planning Officer is Mr Alan Kilroe, Application No. P/2017/0254/OUP, Town Planning, Town Hall, Victoria Square, St Helens, WA10 1HP. Further details and suggested reasons for objecting can be found on the Our Local Voice (OLV) web site. For more information click on this link

Updated 17-Apr-2017