Latest News June 2021

St Helens Borough Local Plan 2020-2035 Examination in Public (EIP)

The St Helens Local Plan EIP opened on the 25th of May and will run over several weeks. The Council prepared the first draft of the plan in 2016 and since then it has been revised several times. The plan has received considerable opposition as it aims to set aside large areas of Green Belt for housing and warehousing. In our view the Council has in the main ignored public objections with little change to the key substance of the plan. With regards Parkside the Council intends to deallocate Parkside entirely from Green Belt. Parkside West will be reserved for employment land (warehousing) and Parkside East for a Rail Freight Terminal. Information on the EIP can be found in the links below. Only people who have requested to speak at the hearing will be allowed to contribute. Any member of the public may view and listen to the proceedings. A specific session on Parkside will be heard on Thursday 10th June. PAG will make representations at this session.

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Public Hearing

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Parkside Public Inquiry Decision

Following the Public Inquiry on Parkside Phase 1 and the Parkside Link Road in January this year, the inspectors have now completed their report and passed it to the Secretary of State for a decision. We have been informed that a decision will be made by the end of August at the latest. The report will not be made available to the public until a decision has been announced.