Latest News June 2018

Warrington Objects to the Phase 1 Planning Application

On the 6th June the Phase 1 planning application came before Warrington Development Management Committee (DMC). PAG along with many of its members and other groups only became aware of the date of the meeting a few days before. Nevertheless, a strong response was mounted with several written statements submitted before the meeting, and people speaking at the meeting itself in objection to the proposal. We are pleased to say that the committee recognised the weight of public opinion and voted to object to the application.

Warrington traffic officers also raised concerns over the traffic assessment and associated air quality impacts which are areas that PAG also highlighted in their response. We know that this is only one victory in a larger campaign with many other challenges yet to come, but it certainly adds further weight for the overall scheme to be referred to the secretary of state.

For background to the Phase 1 and Link Road planning applications please see our supporting pages below.