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Council use EU Funding to Build Case for Freight Terminal at Parkside

PAG recently obtained Request for Proposal (RFP) documents through Freedom of Information. The Council are seeking to use outside planning consultants to formulate a plan for a Freight Terminal at Parkside and support the new Local Plan work that was announced recently. The RFP makes reference to motorway connection options, rail siding layouts and costs for infrastructure.

The Council are also using the same funding to support a road infrastructure consultation for Haydock Industrial Estate in lieu of further development of the site.

Links to the RFP documents can be found below:

Parkside Logistics and RFI Study Tender Brief
Haydock Industrial Estate Redevelopment, Extension and Access Study Tender Brief

The timescales for the RFP are for external consultants to be appointed in early April, and a final report published in June.

The link between the Port of Liverpool and Parkside has always to say the least been tenuous. For instance how could it possibly make commercial sense to take containers off ships at Liverpool, put them on a train, delay passenger rail on the Manchester-Liverpool line, and then take it off a train again to unpack it or move it again at Parkside? And similarly how could it make commercial sense to transport containers all the way from Liverpool by road to Parkside to unpack them or move them on from there? How on earth would that logic make Parkside a strategic location? The fact is that the Port of Liverpool will remove the need to transport freight over land from the South. Instead freight can be shipped directly to Liverpool and then quickly and economically moved by road to where ever it needs to go in the region. There is no need for a Rail Freight Terminal or for that matter a distribution hub at Parkside. It would make more sense to place a distribution hub closer to the Port itself!

The RFP documents are somewhat at conflict with Langtree’s recently and hastily introduced propaganda web site which suggests Parkside may be used purely as a logistics (HGV) hub? Perhaps this is because it has dawned on Langtree that a rail freight terminal cannot be made to work at Parkside?

It is also going to be interesting to see how the Council’s newly appointed RFP planning consultants are able to find a solution where Prologis, a huge and experienced logistics developer was previously unable to do so (after 4 years, and 3 major revisions of their plans).