Local Plan Scoping Consultation Feb 2016

The first of several so called public consultations was staged in February 2016. The scoping consultation fabricated the need for additional Green Belt in the area to satisfy the Councils objectives for development at Parkside and Haydock (Peel Holdings).

The Council’s evidence paper examined previous demand and release of Green Belt. It then went on to suggest there was a need to release 25% more Green Belt year on year than for the next 21 years, which simply does not appear credible. Click here to view our response to the consultation.

If the Council gets its way and releases the Green Belt at Parkside, it will make it much easier for a developer to gain planning approval. Thank you again to all our followers who responded to object to changes to Green Belt. You can read our response to the consultation on Web Site here.

PAG Local Plan Scoping Document Response Final

Previously published information

PAG News Letter Feb 2016

Council Consultation Form (PDF) (Consultation closed)

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