Preferred Options Dec 2016 Simple Form

The form below provides a simple and quick way for you to object to the proposals put forward by the St. Helens Local PlanĀ  Preferred Options Consultation.

The process works as follows:

1. Complete the simple form below.

2. Once you click submit, the system will return a completed pdf form to you at the email address you supply. The system will add your details and comments to the file you receive together with a number of additional points that we have composed for you objecting to the release of vast amounts Green Belt proposed in the Plan.

3. Open the attachment in the email you receive. Check and read it, then forward the email to If you need to correct your comments which appear towards the end of the file, you may submit our simple form again to generate a new email and updated form.

Please try and enter a few of your own concerns in the comments box as this will prevent the Council categorising the response as a ‘pro-forma’.

You can view an example of a completed form here. Alternatively you may of course download a blank form or use the Council’s online system referenced here on the Council’s web site.

  • Please add your own comments here