Parkside Link Road Application

The Council have published plans for the new link road for public comment.

For planning application documents and details on how to make your comments refer to our summary of planning applications page.

The map below shows the proposed route of the link road shown as the yellow line.

The context for the new link road can be found in our February Newsletter.

Certain parties have promoted the link road as benefiting the community by alleviating traffic in some areas. PAG oppose the link road on the basis that it simply provides a convenient way for thousands of extra logistics vehicles using new warehouses at Parkside to use our local roads, especially given the easy access to the A580 in multiple directions. Some of these routes like Newton High Street pass through Air Quality Management Areas.

St Helens Council are the applicant for the Link Road. The Council Planning Committee will also decide whether to grant the application.

The funding for the road has been requested from the Strategic Infrastructure Fund (SIF) governed by the Liverpool Combined Authority. St Helens Council are also represented on the SIF committee which decide whether to grant the funding. The business case for the SIF funding includes £8M of public funding, hard to swallow on top of a maximum increase in Council rates and pressures on social services.

Recent publications have also made reference to the possibility of a rail manufacturing facility at Parkside. We want to point out that this is extremely misleading as the current Parkside planning application is for B8 use only (warehousing) and not B2 (manufacturing). A rail manufacturing facility may be a possibility for Parkside Phase 2 when that planning application is eventually lodged, but is also subject to the HS2 tendering process (4 other companies are tendering) and the decision of the company concerned whether to choose Parkside as its preferred location.

Some initial observations about the the Link Road application include:

  • The Council’s consultants traffic model predicts increases in traffic of 62% on Newton High Street for Phase 1 by 2020 and 72% with all 3 phases by 2030. Newton High Street is in an Air Quality Management area.
  • The traffic model predicts an increase in traffic of 65% on Southworth Road for Phase 1 by 2020 and 80% increase by 2030. Southworth Road passes through an Air Quality Management Area.
  • The traffic model predicts an increase in traffic of 110% on Parkside Road/Golborne Dale Road for Phase 1 by 2020, and 138% with all 3 phases by 2030.
  • The only traffic mitigation proposed is to install traffic lights and filter lanes at the junction of Parkside Road and Golborne Dale Road. The previous Prologis application in 2009 proposed modifications to 17 junctions to deal with the increased traffic.
  • The Phase 1 application traffic assessment, which omitted to include the link road, proposed significant road modifications to the A49 roundabout at Winwick. These are not mentioned in the link road application.
  • St Helens Council spent £840,000 to produce the Link Road planning application

Please also see our detailed response to the application on our response page.