Parkside Link Road Application 2019

Using their own consultants, and following feedback in 2018, the Council have updated their Parkside Link Road Planning application and submitted it to their own planning department for review. The latest planning application includes a revised Traffic Assessment (TA) which examines the effect on traffic flows on local roads with the proposed Phase 1, 2 and 3 developments and without them. As many of you know the Council plan to make available our local roads for development traffic. Occupiers are likely to be road logistics operators generating high volumes of light good vehicles movements as well as significant HGV trips. The PLR TA demonstrates that many junctions will be over capacity with the link road including most of the adjacent motorway ones. Site traffic using the A49 will see increases in traffic of 128% southbound towards Winwick and 169% towards Newton-le-Willows when the Phase 1 development is completed with the Link Road in place. The level of traffic will increase queuing on roads and corresponding air pollution. The revised planning application includes a revised Air Quality report which is obtuse in its assessment not properly explaining how the modelling reflects the revised traffic assessment with the link road and proposed developments. We will post our full response here in due course. We would encourage you to respond to both the revised Parkside Link Road planning application, the revised Phase 1 planning application, and the St Helens Local Plan. Details of who to write to can be found on our summary of planning applications page.

The map below shows the proposed route of the link road shown as the yellow line.

Certain parties have promoted the link road as benefiting the community by alleviating traffic in some areas. PAG oppose the link road on the basis that it simply provides a convenient way for thousands of extra logistics vehicles using new warehouses at Parkside to use our local roads, especially given the easy access to the A580 in multiple directions. Some of these routes like Newton High Street pass through Air Quality Management Areas.

St Helens Council are the applicant for the Link Road. The Council Planning Committee will also decide whether to grant the application.

The funding for the road has been obtained from the Strategic Infrastructure Fund (SIF) governed by the Liverpool Combined Authority. St Helens Council are also represented on the SIF committee which decide whether to grant the funding. The business case for the SIF funding includes £8M of public funding, hard to swallow on top of a maximum increase in Council rates and pressures on social services.