Parkside Current Position

There is currently no planning application open for the site, however, St Helens Council are working in collaboration with a developer Langtree to bring forward a new plan for an HGV distribution hub potentially later this year.

In late 2010 The Council loaned Langtree around 4.5 million pounds of tax payers money to buy the site from the previous developer Prologis.

The Council have also torn up their Local Plan which they completed in late 2012. The Local Plan defines planning policy for the borough including Green Belt boundaries. The need to redevelop the plan undoubtedly stems from the need to align with a potential planning application for Parkside.

The first of several so called public consultations was staged in February (Local Plan Scoping Consultation). The scoping consultation fabricated the need for additional Green Belt in the area to satisfy the Councils objectives for development at Parkside and Haydock (Peel Holdings).

If the Council gets its way and releases the Green Belt at Parkside, it will make it much easier for a developer to gain planning approval. Thank you again to all our followers who responded to object to changes to Green Belt. You can read our response to the consultation on Web Site here.

Going forward what we can expect is further rounds of ‘consultation’ later this year as new drafts of the Local Plan are produced by the Council. We will be asking for your help again no doubt in the future.

An HGV distribution hub will potentially put thousands of extra HGV onto our local roads and threaten our health of our community. That is why PAG has always objected to such a proposal.

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